WP3 was carried out from April 2018 to September 2018. Please download from the right column the new syllabi written by the Iraqi Junior Scholars for the improvement of the existing teaching units.

Please check for confirmation documents of accreditation procedures on the right column.

WP4 related to implementation of teaching units and internships is completed.





Activities and results

· 3.1 Joint creation of new teaching units syllabi (documents 1-16);
· 3.2 Joint creation of new learning and teaching materials (documents 17 and videos 18-26);
· 3.3 Integration of teaching units into existing BA courses (documents 27-29);
· 3.4 Design of new internship programs (Document 57);
· 3.5 Creation of the WALADU Library (WALib) and WALADU Laboratory (WALab) (link to the albums 50-52);
· 3.6 Pilot Summer School (documents 30-32);

· 4.1 New teaching units scheduled in the BA courses (link to the album 33, and list of students 34-48)
· 4.2 Organization of the workshop for the new internship programs;
· 4.3 60 students selected for participating to internship programs;
· 4.4 Organization of the cascade training (link to the album 53-56);