This page is dedicated to the project evaluations provided by external experts and internal members at the end of each WP.

The WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4 external and internal evaluation reports are available!


Activities and results:

- 6.1 Internal formative evaluation (IFE) (documents 1 and 2);
- 6.2 External formative evaluation (EFE) (documents 3 and 4);
- 6.3 Internal summative evaluation (ISE) (document 6);
- 6.4 External summative evaluation (ESE) (document 5);
- 6.5 Students feedbacks (document 5);

Moreover, specific quality monitoring visits to Iraq were realized by Unibo and Koç Unversity in order to monitor the quality of the implementation of the new BA courses and archaeological libraries and laboratories in the Iraqi Universities. The reports of these quality monitoring missions can be consulted and downloaded from the right column (documents 7 and 8).