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WP7 aims to promote the overall WALADU project nationally and internationally and make visible project's achievements and deliverables.


Activities and results:

- 7.1 Creation of the WALADU project website, social networks and promotional materials (links 1, 2 and 3 and documents 4, 5 and 6);
- 7.2 Universities website development and maintenance (links 7, 8 and 9);
- 7.3 Creation of the new BA courses brochures, videos and other materials for marketing strategies (links 10-25);
- 7.4 Organization of info and open days for the promotion of the new BA courses (in elaboration);
- 7.5 Organization of expo for promoting Iraqi cultural heritage in EU HEIs (in elaboration);
- 7.6 Design and preparation of the WaLink website and materials for marketing strategies (in elaboration);

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