A long-lasting network opportunity between the students of UNIBO and UCC interested in Korean Studies


The SEED Project enhances the cooperation between the University of Bologna (UNIBO) and the University College Cork (UCC)


Every year, between May and June, the project will organize a JOINT STUDENT PROGRAM with students from each university in Bologna, with local and invited experts.

Over the course of each year the two universities will conduct parallel activities of mentoring and supervision with their undergraduate students in Korean Studies.

The final goal of these activities for the students will be the writing of a short research paper on a Korea-related topic.

At the end of the event, students will participate in a Student Conference during which they will have the opportunity to present their short research papers in an academic-like environment with organized panels and designated discussants.

This activity will represent a perfect occasion to bring together the teaching objective of the project with the transnational networking one, with the goal of creating a long-lasting exchange platform for students of Korean Studies in the two universities.