The 2021 SEED Project at the University of Bologna will provide a wide range of activities:



  • Establishment of  new academic courses: Media and Communication in East Asia from (from 2021) and Media, Culture and Society in Korea and East Asia (from 2022)
  • Implementation of a mentorship program for BA, MA and PhD students with a specific interest on Korean Studies across the University. Over the course of the three years, three cycles of seminars will be organized as well as two intensive workshops for students with invited experts.
  • Two scholarships will be offered to BA and MA students for carrying out field research in Korea every year of the project.
  • Deliverables: a textbook in Italian will be published to support innovative teaching in Korean Studies, specifically on contemporary Korean culture and cultural production



The project will carry out specific research activities in Korean Studies, supported by mobility funds for researchers, equipment and personnel , in the areas of Contemporary Korean politics, Contemporary Korean cultural production, Korean media and performative arts. The project will also establish a permanent and institutional infrastructure - the Korea Center - that will provide capacities to enhance innovation and research in Korean Studies in the future.

Moreover, the academic and local community at large will be involved with the organization of Korean Art performances, through the well-established infrastructure of the Department of Arts at UNIBO.



At the European and international level, the project will foster international strategic partnerships between different higher education institutions, thanks to high level international conferences  and publications. Korean Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences will be enhanced in a trans-national and interdisciplinary perspective also with the invitation of experts from Korea and other parts of the world. Furthermore, the collaboration with the University College Cork (UCC) on the students workshops and conferences will consolidate the international collaboration between UNIBO and UCC in Korean Studies.