As part of the SEED Project, the SoKEN 2022 Annual Conference (Social Sciences Korean Studies European Network) will be held at the University of Bologna, with the support of the Academy of Korean Studies through the Korean Studies Promotion Service, and in collaboration with the Asia Institute.

  • Date:

    05 MAY
    06 MAY 2022
     from 9:30 to 12:00
  • Event location: Palazzo Marescotti (Salone Marescotti, via Barberia 4 - Bologna) - Evento in presenza e online - In presence and online event

The SoKEN 2022 Annual Conference (Social Sciences Korean Studies European Network) will focus on the recent developments in the Korean Peninsula in relation to economic, political, and social aspects.

In particular, panel presentations will deal with the post-pandemic challenges on the Korean peninsula, both from a domestic and international perspective, and the political dynamics towards the 2022 presidential election.


Topics will include the management of the COVID emergency, the social and economic consequences of the COVID crisis, recent political developments in South Korea, changes and continuity in inter-Korean relations, the regional and global positioning of South and North Korea and their foreign policy strategies.

How to reach us

Palazzo Marescotti, via Barberia 4 - Bologna