The Laboratory

Story of the Marine Biology and Fisheries Laboratory of Fano

“Those who enter today the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fisheries of Fano still remain impressed. They find themselves in a large room that opens onto a large terrace facing the sea. On the sides of the main salon you can find the studios, the biology and chemistry laboratories, a drawing room, the library, and at the end, after only a few steps, you come across a conference or meeting room. Last but not least, you can also find a small workshop, a storage room for oceanographic equipment and other service spaces. In addition, a trawler equipped with a small laboratory stretches across the sea”.

These are the words of the former Director of the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fisheries of Fano, Andrea Scaccini, describing the Laboratory that was launched on 27 November 1966 at the Headquarters of the Fish Market. The lab started its activity in 1939, under the Rectorate of Alessandro Ghigi (Director of the Institute of Zoology and Emeritus Professor) to mostly implement applied fisheries research

Later on, thanks to the acquisition of specific equipment, the research activity applied to fishing was so increased that the laboratory became known not only in Italy but especially abroad. The editing of a magazine entitled “Notes of the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fisheries of Fano” was useful to publish several papers with other Italian and foreign laboratories.

There was a significant increase in the technical consultancy tasks that the Laboratory carried out on behalf of the former Ministry of the Navy and subsequently of Agriculture and Forests, and the administrations of the coastal Provinces of Emilia Romagna and Marche.

The current Laboratory headquarters, launched in 1990, was designed by Arch. Mariano Cantarini on the basis of the instructions of Prof. Corrado Piccinetti. The implementation of the project was possible thanks to the Demanio Marittimo who made the area available and to a grant of 2700 million of Lira (the old Italian currency) by a Consortium of Local Authorities (Municipality of Fano, Province of Pesaro -Urbino, Marche Region, Fano’s Savings Bank).