Facilities and equipment

The building includes several laboratories used for research that spanned from the various biological and technological aspects of fisheries, to chemical oceanography, plankton, and benthos.

The Laboratory is equipped with a trawler Andrea, that has replaced the previous nautical vehicles Giannetto and Marotta II. Andrea is a 200-ton, 29-meter-long and 8-meter-wide catamaran with two engines of over 1000 HP each, used for fishing campaigns in national and international projects. The trawler is equipped to carry out sampling activities with trawl nets, dredges, plankton nets and longlines. The crew is composed by 6 people and the boat can host up to 8 technicians and researchers. 

The Laboratory has also been used to store samples for research in specialized areas, where part of the research requiring special equipment was carried out in the laboratories of individual researchers.

The lower floors of the building house the grand hall, which can seat up to 140 guests.