FishMed-PhD students


34th cycle

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Bargione Giada

Multidisciplinary approach for the clam digging management

Chiarini Matteo

Assessing the state of the demersal species stock and of management measures in the Adriatic Sea

Di Maio Federico

Spatial approach to the fisheries management

Meschini Marta

Involvement of both the associations of professionals operating in the sea and fisheries field and of the final users in scientific research: participation in scientific research for large-scale spatial and temporal monitoring of marine biodiversity

Musella Margherita

Innovative microbiome-based systems for the improvement of productivity, safety and sustainability of mussels and fish farming

Palazzo Quinzia

Multiscale comparative analysis of the process of bio-mineralization of small pelagic fishes’ otoliths

Palladino Giorgia

Impact of aquaculture on the microbial communities and on marine holobiont

35th cycle

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Botti Alberto

Bioremediation of marine sediments

Cheli Alessandro

Marine biomineralization and biomaterials: foundations and applications

De Giovanni Andrea

Diet based on fish products and human genetics and epigenetics

Geraci Michele Luca

Catchability and survival of resources during fishing operations

Masnadi Francesco

Evaluation and management of demersal stocks in the Adriatic

Palermino Antonio

Study of acoustic reflectivity of small pelagics in the Adriatic

Petetta Andrea

Development of technical solutions to reduce the impact of traditionally used fishing gear

Scicchitano Andrea

Impact of Tannins on microbiota in aquaculture: fish, humans and environment

Vecchio Yari

Modelling innovations in the Italian aquaculture sector

36th cycle

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Armelloni Enrico Nicola

Climate change and sustainable fisheries: interactions and challanges

Calì Federico

Adaptative life history strategies of exploited gadiformes in relation to fishery and climate change

Ceccacci Alberto

Valorization of fishery production systems

De Marco Antonina

Development of innovative systems and indicators for mollusc farming

Maioli Federico

Biodiversity and population dynamics of demersal and benthic fishery resources

Scanu Martina

Bio-ecological aspects of the Crustacean fisheries

Triunfo Carla

Biomineralization and applications for the circular economy

37th cycle

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Basili Marco

Exploring the fish microbiome in Mediterranean fish species: drivers, dynamics and relationships with host health, food safety and environmental sustainability

Iuffrida Letizia

A BioBank for mussels and clams of the Adriatic Sea: an integrated biological approach to support farming management

Lutet-Toti Camille

Zero pollution: recycling sea by-products of shellfish farming - Search for bactericidal biomolecules in the shell of mollusks of economic interest

Machado Toffolo Mariana

Participatory Environmental Management: Uniting oceanography and fisheries stakeholders to find adaptive solutions for climate change

Masi Margherita

Assessing the sustainability performance of the aquaculture sector in Italy in the context of the circular economy

Nicolini Filippo

Insights into bivalve reproduction-related and sex-related genes: a comparative genomic and cytogenetic approach

Romano Jennifer

A circular approach to reuse marine resources

Rusanova Polina

Moving towards a sustainable use of fisheries resources: Nutritional quality, contaminants, bioactive compounds, and new bycatch based food.

Tarullo Alessandro

Interactions between human disturbance and nonindigenous species in the restoration of coastal marine habitats