Khalid Salim Ismael (UOM)

Khalid Salim Ismael holds a significant career in academic teaching and dissemination in various Iraqi universities. He cooperates with national scientific societies and edited scientific journals. Through his training and research terms at several European universities, he built a solid cooperation network with scholars abroad, which then spread to his Iraqi students. He joined the excavations by Mosul University on the acropolis of Nineveh in 2012 and 2013. He is currently working to rebuild and improve the offer and quality of courses at the University of Mosul.


The University of Mosul, founded in 1957, is the second educational institution in Iraq and one the most important research centers in the Middle East. Highly affected by the IS/Daesh occupation (over 8.000 books and 100.000 manuscripts in its library are believed to have been destroyed), UOM reopened in 2017, recovering its educative mission in the post-conflict reconstruction process of the city of Mosul, with more than 30.000 enrolled students distributed in 23 colleges.