Farhod Maksudov (ASU)

Farhod Maksudov is a leading figure in the archaeological dissemination in Uzbekistan. His archaeological background led him to both join and coordinate international projects in his country as both field and deputy director in collaboration with US and European colleagues. More recently, he acquired a strong competence in the cultural and historical dissemination for the Uzbek national TV and mass media, taking part in the production of documentaries and short cultural footages for a wide audience.


Founded in November 1943, the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan is the leading institution for the scientific and cultural advancement in the country. ASU contributes to the economic and social development of several sectors of the Uzbek public integrating activities in the field of humanities and natural, technical, medical and social sciences.
ASU currently employs more than 4700 researchers, from full professors to scholars, and has joint cooperation programs with more than 40 universities and research institutions around the world.