Starting from March 2021, the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna continues with the Business Chinese course, already introduced last semester: a new business Chinese course, dedicated to those who have already acquired a good knowledge of the Chinese language and, for work and / or entrepreneurial needs, r practical course and mainly based on the commercial sector. Consult the training offer! there is time until March 1st to register!

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Hsk and Hskk exams in Home Edition mode

Due to the worsening of the health situation linked to the COVID-19 emergency, in order to limit the spread of the epidemic and to ensure the safety of staff and each candidate, the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna has opted for the carrying out HSK and HSKK exams in Home Edition mode.

The Chinese Testing International Center has decided to launch the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition), to help students complete HSK and HSKK exams from the comfort of their homes with active remote monitoring from exam centers, in order to meet the needs of Chinese language students from around the world.

All the information are available on the page dedicated to proficiency tests.

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The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna starts with a new course plan, in February, that will take place exclusively online to reach all our students in total safety.
No more borders: you can follow our courses wherever you are, without necessarily having to reach us in Bologna!
No more space limits: virtual classrooms allow us to welcome you and follow you on your training path just like with classic face-to-face lessons!
No more time limits: we offer a wide range of courses, so you can learn Chinese without having to take time away from your work or study!

The new plan of our training offer is online, which has been renewed to offer you a complete learning experience, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. All the detailed info on the individual courses are now available on the dedicated page!

What are you waiting for? There is time until February 15 to register!

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  • Sichuan Opera, European Tour 2017

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  • Opening ceremony for the foundation of the Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna


Confucius Institutes perform 10 years

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