HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

The New HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the proficiency test for the Chinese language developed by Hanban on the basis of the International Standard of competence of the Chinese language aimed at non-native speakers.

What is HSK

The HSK exam (Hànyǔ Shǔipíng Kǎoshì) is the only Chinese international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, developed on the basis of the International Standard of Competence of the Chinese language (国际 汉语 能力 标准), assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. The HSK consists of a written test.

The HSK levels

HSK consists of six levels, namely HSK level I, HSK level II, HSK level III, HSK level IV, HSK level V, and HSK level VI.

HSK LEVEL I = A1 (certifies knowledge of 150 characters)
HSK LEVEL II = A2 (certifies knowledge of 300 characters)
HSK LEVEL III = B1 (certifies knowledge of 600 characters)
HSK LEVEL IV = B2 (certifies knowledge of 1,200 characters)
HSK LEVEL V = C1 (certifies knowledge of 2,500 characters)
HSK LEVEL VI = C2 (certifies knowledge of 5,000 characters)

For more information on the HSK proficiency test you can read the attached document (HSK information sheet) or go to the official page of the Hanban Chinese Test Center.

What is HSK used for?

The HSK test result certifies the level of linguistic knowledge reached by the student and can be spent in different ways: the HSK diploma is an internationally recognized qualification, proving very useful and, in some cases indispensable, for all students who would like to study at a Chinese University. The acquired title is also useful for all those who spend the Chinese language on a working level. But, taking the HSK exam is first and foremost important for testing your Chinese language skills.

Important Announcment

Please notice that the HSK Levels 3-6 and the HSKK will be combined according to the latest announcement from Chinese Testing Center, starting from this year, which means that students who want to take HSK Level 3 must also take HSKK Elementary; students who want to take HSK Level 4 must also take HSKK Intermediate; and students who want to take HSK Level 5/6 must also take HSKK Advanced.

For example, if you want to take HSK Level 3, then you must take both the HSK 3 exam at 1pm and the HSKK Elementary exam at 3.40pm on 25th, June.

While, for students who want to take HSK Level 1 or 2,no corresponding HSKK is required, you can register for HSK 1 or 2 held on 25thJune

And for students who want to take HSKKno corresponding HSK is required, so you can decide by yourself, either take the exam on 23rd, April or the one on 25thJune.

Take HSK test  at the Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna

The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna informs you that the exam sessions for 2022 are scheduled as follow:

  • I SESSION: Saturday  25 June 2021

 The exam will take place in Home Edition mode.


Tests in Home Edition mode

In order to limit the spread of the epidemic and to ensure the safety of personnel and candidates, the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna has opted for the conducting HSK exams in Home Edition mode.

The Chinese Testing International Center has decided to launch the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition), to help students complete HSK tests at home with active remote monitoring from exam centers, in order to meet the needs of Chinese language  students around the world.

Exam date: June 25, 2022, you can register from March 28, 2022

Registration deadline: May 27, 2022

Tests timetable:

HSK 1 at 1.00 PM

HSK 2 at 9.00 AM

HSK 3 at 1.00 PM + HSKK Elementary at 3.40 PM

HSK 4 at 9.00 AM + HSKK Intermediate at 11.25 AM

HSK 5 at 1.00 PM + HSKK Advanced at 4.30 PM

HSK 6 at 9.00 AM + HSKK Advanced at 4.30 PM 

Before sign up for Home Edition tests: technical requirements

Candidates must verify that they meet the following requirements before submitting their registration. If the following requirements are not satisfied and the candidates proceed with the registration anyway, the fee will NOT be refunded.

  • COMPUTER: operating system: Windows 7 or 10                                                                                                               *** PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION: the operating system OS (MAC) does NOT support the system used for the exams.
  • SOFTWARE: download and install the client software of the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition), available after the deadline for regitration.
  • INTERNET CONNECTION: minimum speed 200 KB / s
  • CAMERA: HD (over 300,000 pixels). Please, ensure that the room in which the exam will take place is well lit and that the camera is not obstructed.
  • HEADPHONES: clear sound and good sound insulation.
  • MICROPHONE: not required.
  • TEST PLACE: The exam must be carried out in a safe, closed and without interference. It is forbidden to take the exam in public areas such as parks, cafes, restaurants, etc. The monitor and keyboard should be placed on a desk or table. No one is authorized to enter or leave the room during the exam. There can be no unauthorized objects in the room used for carrying out the exam.

Once you have checked all the components necessary for the  software's correct use and what is required, you can proceed with carrying out an exam simulation. Each candidate will be able to independently carry out the simulation.

 At the end of the simulation, to leave the program, proceed as follows: Alt + f4, input “quit”.


In order to allow the test center and its staff to properly supervise the test, students - in addition to the pc / laptop for carrying out the test - will have to use another device (e.g. tablet, smartphone - to be set in airplane mode) making a video conference on Zoom on the latter for the duration of the test, taking care to frame yourself and the screen of the PC / laptop used for the test. The camera must therefore be pointed at the candidate by placing the additional device behind or next to the person taking the exam, so that is clearly visible: the candidate himself, the screen of the PC / laptop on which the test is taken, the workstation and, more in general, all the surrounding space. If it is not possible to frame the entire room, the student must make sure to frame, at least, the entire space used as a workstation. This is because the remote supervision system allows the teachers to frame the candidate only from the front, through the webcam built into the PC. Therefore, in order to ensure the correct and honest execution of the Home Edition exams, and the consequent validity of the same, it will be necessary to proceed with the procedures described here.

Please, note that notes on paper or electronic equipment are NOT required during the online test. It is forbidden to copy and record any part of the exam on paper and / or on any electronic device.

To ensure the safety and smoothness of the test, the CI and Test Center may need to collect personal information relating to the test, such as: name, passport photo, ID, audio and video recordings taken during the test. We will use the personal information provided to us only for the purposes permitted by law or in any case for the sole purpose of ensuring a correct and safe conduct of the test.

How to register

It is specified that, in order to make a valid registration for HSK exams through the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna, it is mandatory to proceed following the procedures set out in the registration form, which you will find - available for download- attached on this page. The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna directly manages registrations for the test, therefore registrations made directly through the chinesetest.cn website will NOT be taken into account. It is possible to register for only one exam level.

Registration is done exclusively by email.

RECOGNITION OF THE CANDIDATE: as indicated in the registration form, the candidate must also submit a photo ID, strictly in .jpg or .png format. The photo must be recent: taken no more than 6 months before the registration.

Once the office has received and screened all the documents (as shown on the attached form), candidates will be confirmed that the registration has been taken over.

In the email containing the registration, it is mandatory to indicate in the subject: HOME EDITION EXAMS + HSK level and HSKK + Surname of the candidate (Ex. HOME EDITION EXAMS - HSK 1 - Smith).

All the required documents must be sent to the student office via email by the mandatory deadline of   May 27, 2022. Under no circumstances registrations sent after the deadline or in ways other than those indicated will be accepted. It is specified that, if the registration is incomplete or sent after the deadline, the exam fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Close to the examination date, the Institute will send personal admission tickets and passwords (both required to authenticate to the system) exclusively to the email address indicated in the registration form. Once you have received the admission ticket, please check the accuracy of the personal data contained therein and contact the student office as soon as possible, via email, in case of mistakes.


Registration fees

The fee required for registration must be paid only by bank transfer, to be made according to the bank details indicated here

Payment of the registration fee at


Beneficiario: FONDAZIONE ALMA MATER/rif. Istituto Confucio

IBAN IT 55 C 02008 02457 000102828007




The REGISTRATION FEE changes depending on the exam level for which you are enrolling

HSK 1 and HSK 2 payment of € 26.00.

HSK 3 + HSKK Elementary payment of € 50.00.

HSK 4 + HSKK Intermediate payment of € 60.00.

HSK 5 and HSK 6 + HSKK Advanced payment of € 90.00.


Test day

Before the test

Admission Time: candidates MUST log into the system 60 minutes before the test starts. Personal, equipment or network problems will not be considered as extenuating and justifying circumstances for the delay.

Access the exam system: open the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) client software

Testing of the equipment and the examination site





Please note: Candidates deemed unsuitable on the day of the test will not be able to take the test. Furthermore, candidates are required to turn off other unauthorized devices, MP3s and / or any other electronic device and will not have access to any unauthorized device and / or equipment during the exam.

Read and accept the examination rules

Access to the exam: access the exam by entering the admission ticket number and password, from that moment the countdown will begin, indicating the time available to complete the exam.

During the test

Conduct: All regulations listed on the "Measures for Disciplinary Violations in the Chinese Tests" are applicable to these Chinese certification exams taken online (Home Edition), the CTI and test centers, as responsible, retain the right to assert / reclaim any violations even after the test has been carried out.

Shortcomings and anomalies: if the candidate for the exam does not take or does not complete the test on the day of the exam for reasons not attributable to the organizing body, the responsibility will remain with the candidate himself. In that case, the test fee will not be refunded.

Student control: the teachers will check the correct performance of the test also by taking some photos to certify the surveillance activity required by the CTI.

Our teachers will have constant contact with candidates. If candidates have any problems with the system, they should immediately contact the teacher.


Results and certificates

You can check your HSK results 10 working days after the exam and your HSKK results 25 working days after the exam, so for those of you taking both the HSK and HSKK, you will have to wait 25 working days before you can print your certificate. The candidate can autonomously consult the result on the website www.chinesetest.cn by entering his admission ticket number, surname and name.

Test takers can use the information on the test admission ticket to log in via www.chinesetest.cn to inquire about the test result ( 10 work days after the completion of the HSK YCT and BCT; 25 work days after the completion of the HSK Oral Test).  Test takers can also apply for a printed result report to be mailed to them or their institutions using the Extra Score Report service. In this case the shipping costs are charged to the candidate.

Finally, we would also like to remind students who are taking both the HSK and HSKK exams that both of your results will appear on one certificate, so once you have decided to register for the exams, please make sure you take both exams on the same day and do not miss them. Don't give up on the HSKK exams because you are tired and think you can take them separately later, because then you will only have one exam result on your certificate.