BCT (Business Chinese Test)

The BCT is the the Chinese language proficiency test in the business and professional field.

Business Chinese Test (BCT), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities to use the Chinese language in real business or common working environments.BCT is divided into writing and oral tests, which are independent to each other. The writing test consists of two levels, namely, BCT (A)and BCT (B).BCT(Oral iBT)are Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) and conducted via Internet.

We are pleased to announce that the registration for the BCT (A) and BCT (B) exams is now open. For detailed information about both exam types, please refer to the official Chinestest website

The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna informs you that the exam sessions for 2023 are scheduled as follow:

  •  I SESSION: Saturday 11 November 2023

The exam will be in presence.

Tests in Presence

Exam date: November 11, 2023

Registration deadline: October 9, 2023

Tests timetable:

BCT A at 9.00 AM

BCT B at 9.00 AM

How to register

It is specified that, in order to make a valid registration for BCT exams through the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna, it is mandatory to proceed with the subscription through this link Iscrizioni esami BCT 11 novembre and following the procedures set out in the registration module, which you will find - available for download- attached on this page. The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna directly manages registrations for the test, therefore registrations made directly through the chinesetest.cn website will NOT be taken into account. It is possible to register for only one exam level.

Registration has to be done exclusively by email.

RECOGNITION OF THE CANDIDATE: as indicated in the registration form, the candidate must also submit a photo ID, strictly in .jpg or .png format between the dimension of 20kb and 500 kb. The photo must be recent: taken no more than 6 months before the registration.

Once the office has received and screened all the documents (as shown on the attached form), candidates will be confirmed that the registration has been taken over.

In the email containing the registration, it is mandatory to indicate in the subject: BCT EXAMS + BCT level + Surname of the candidate.

All the required documents must be sent to the student office via email by the mandatory deadline of October 9th , 2023. Under no circumstances registrations sent after the deadline or in ways other than those indicated will be accepted. It is specified that, if the registration is incomplete or sent after the deadline, the exam fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Close to the examination date, the Institute will send personal admission tickets and passwords (both required to authenticate the date of the exam) exclusively to the email address indicated during the registration process. Once you have received the admission ticket, please check the accuracy of the personal data contained therein and contact the Confucius office as soon as possible, via email, in case of any mistakes.

Registration fees

The registration fee must be paid by bank transfer to the bank details on the registration site, which will be made available to you once the registration is completed.

The REGISTRATION FEE changes depending on the exam level for which you are enrolling

BCT A payment of € 45.00.

BCT B payment of € 65.00.

Test day

Before the test

Admission Time: candidates MUST show at the place of the exam 60 minutes before the test starts.  

Please note: Candidates deemed unsuitable on the day of the test will not be able to take the test. The day of the test candidates should bring with them: a B2 type pencil, an eraser, the ID document (passport or ID), the admission ticket that will be sent to the candidate by email before the day of the test.

Read and accept the examination rules

During the test

Conduct: All regulations listed on the "Measures for Disciplinary Violations in the Chinese Tests" are applicable to these Chinese certification exams taken in presence the CTI and test centers, as responsible, retain the right to assert / reclaim any violations even after the test has been carried out.

Shortcomings and anomalies: if the candidate for the exam does not take or does not complete the test on the day of the exam for reasons not attributable to the organizing body, the responsibility will remain with the candidate himself. In that case, the test fee will not be refunded. 

Results and certificates

You can check your BCT results 30 working days after the exam.

The candidate can autonomously consult the result on the website www.chinesetest.cn by entering his admission ticket number, surname and name.

We remind all the candidates that as soon as the BCT certificate will be available for the pick up, we will send an email containing all the necessary informations to pick up the certificate, that will be possible in our offices at the second floor of Palazzo Paleotti, Via Zamboni 25.