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All Chinese language proficiency test sessions in 2024

We remind you that, for the Bologna test center, in order to validly register for the HSK, HSKK and YCT exams, it is mandatory to proceed following the procedures indicated on this website. The Confucius Institute of Bologna directly manages enrollments for the exam sessions, therefore registrations made directly through the website will NOT be taken into account.

Furthermore, we remind that the Bologna Confucius Institute does NOT send the original certificates at students' home address by postal service: it will be necessary to collect the certificates at our offices.

新 汉语 水平 考试 (HSK) exam in presence


  • I SESSION: Saturday June 22, 2024


汉语 水平 口语 考试 (HSKK)  in Home presence

  • I SESSION: Saturday March 16, 2024


新 中 小学生 汉语 考试 (YCT)

  • I SESSION: Saturday May 11, 2024

商务中文考试  (BCT)