Business incubators and innovation hubs

The University works constantly to support the development of business incubators, fostering the growth of a network of partners of know how and sourcing the financial support needed to ensure effectiveness throughout the incubation process.


Almacube is the University of Bologna innovation hub and business incubator that works to promote economic development in the area through innovation and the birth of new businesses, cooperation with existing companies and educating the new generations to a business approach.

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Cesena Lab works with businesses in the digital, web & new media field, and focuses on the growth of successful businesses in the Cesena area. It presents the projects to a large number of industrial investors and investment funds to help new businesses grow quickly.

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Rimini Innovation square

The Rimini Innovation Square connects all the members of the innovation ecosystem in Rimini in a single place, aiming to foster the growth of anyone wishing to develop innovative business projects and contribute to the innovation of the whole territorial system, in harmony with social well-being and development.

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