Call for Players

  • What it is

    A call to join a team selected by the Call for StartUp

  • Who it’s for

    Individuals both inside and outside the University of Bologna

  • What it’s for

    To contribute to emerging ideas selected by the Call for StartUp

  • When

    4 April 2024

Would you like to venture into the startup world and offer your skills to develop a business idea?



Attend the event as an Innovation Player. You will get to know the entrepreneurial projects selected by the Call for Startups 2023-2024 and you will be able to meet the proponents to join a team and contribute to transform the idea into a successful startup.

Join the online event on 4 April to meet and network with the teams of the entrepreneurial projects that interest you most.



Participation is open to all, with no restrictions determined by qualifications or enrolment at the University of Bologna.

You could join an entrepreneurial team and start a new path in the world of innovation!




Explore the website with Entrepreneurial Ideas

The website, divided into 4 thematic areas, presents entrepreneurial ideas and team members: you can immediately get in touch with the proponents of the ideas that most inspired you.


Join the Virtual Event

The Online Event Call for Players will take place on 4 April 2024!
Each team will present its business idea in Virtual Rooms: you will have the opportunity to exchange contacts, ask questions and learn more about the projects presented.


Contact us

For questions or information about the event: