StartUp day

  • What it is

    Final event of a cycle of activities devoted to innovative ideas

  • Who it’s for

    Students, graduates, researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs

  • What it’s for

    Presenting an idea or finding a work team

  • When

    Every year in January (call for ideas) and May (Team meeting)

startUp day

Start-up Day organised by the University of Bologna in partnership with Almacube - business incubator and innovation hub - held every year, the largest Italian event for developing young entrepreneurship.

In a single day, it brings people from the world of innovation and start-ups together: students, graduates, researchers, teachers, representatives of the Start-up ecosystem, entrepreneurs, professionals and investors. Over 1000 projects have been presented in previous editions, and the participating start-ups have sourced over €4 million in funding.
During the Start-up Day you will have various opportunities for inspiration and growth to help you, depending on what you need at the moment.

Present your idea

If you already have an idea, as a startupper you will have the chance to propose it and receive useful feedback for developing it. You can also meet people with useful competences for implementing it and creating your team. Each selected startupper will have a table at their disposal and 2 30-minute team meetings to present their project to the Players. If your idea is selected, the team will take part in a training, consulting and coaching programme with business experts, to help develop the business project.
Apply as a startupper online

Find your team
If you’re looking for a team to join to put your talents to the test, this is the right place for you! You can dialogue with others, making available your competences and helping to develop an idea.

Recruiting time
If you are a young business and have vacancies, with Recruiting Time you can view the CVs of candidate students, graduates, diploma holders and master students, PhD students and researchers.

Inspire and be inspired

You can take part in workshops on the business world, offering ideas and suggestions, fuelling your motivation and offering tips for developing your business:
Some of the workshops in the 2020 Start-up day: 

  • Researchers and entrepreneurs: the spin-off tell their stories 
  • From research to spin-off: the point of view of the Venture Capitalist 
  • Condensing innovation. The fundamental alliance between traditional companies and start-ups” with Andrea Landini 
  • From Silicon Valley, the world’s largest Open Innovation platform comes to Italy” with Andrea Zorzetto 
  • Hunting for ideas with Design Thinking 

If you are an entrepreneur and want to offer your competences by taking part in the Start-up day as a supporter, among the other opportunities you will have the chance to organise customised workshops, presenting your activities to a qualified, innovation-oriented audience. 

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