Call for Players

  • What is it

    A call to join a team and take part in the Start-Up Day as a Player

  • Who it’s for

    Students of Bologna University

  • What it’s for

    To contribute to the emerging ideas selected by the Call for StartUp

  • When


The Call for Players is aimed at students who want to come face to face with the world of business and put their own skills into play, contributing to the development of those entrepreneurial projects selected by the Call for StartUp 2022 in the Emerging Ideas category.

The winners will be asked to take part in the development process of one of the business ideas – which foresees meetings, training days, networking and shadowing – and participate in the StartUp Day to be held on 20 May 2022 at Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna.

Participation is open to students of the University of Bologna enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course, a professional course or a specialist school.

The Players will be asked to pick up to three project ideas, selected from the Call for StartUp, to which they would like to contribute. Players will be selected through a matching process on the basis of their profiles (subject area and course of study) and the skills required by the winning Project Proposers of the Call for StartUp 2022.

Read the call carefully and completely. 

Submit your application by filling in the online form.