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In the framework of the research on Second Generation Carbons we are looking for research collaborators able to contribute ideas, projects and innovations in the field of biomass treatment, waste recovery and utilisation in view of circular economy and energy supply. The researcher will be part of a team that is already working in UE funded  projects and industrial collaboration activities.  The activity will mainly take place at the Marina di Ravenna Research Centre and in the laboratories in Ravenna.  Evolving and expanding activities includes:

(A) processes and technologies for the production of vegetable and renewable carbons/chars;

(B) innovative applications of carbons and chars.


In detail, the collaborator will have one or more of the following tasks:

1) contributing to design, realise, improve for research purposes devices and processes for thermo-chemical transformation of biomass for the production of vegetable carbons;
2) contributing to the design, production and improvement, for research purposes, of devices and processes for innovative applications of vegetable carbons for the treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous matrices;
3) assisting, improving, developing new solution of proved systems for plastic recycling
4) contributing to the definition, in close integration with the design of production processes and application results, of research steps and related treatment cycles; to contribute to the definition of operating parameters and to the calculation of yields and output quality
5) performing laboratory analyses on vegetable coals and treated matrices, identifying new methodologies and predicting properties.

In all cases the employee will have the following tasks:
- contributing to understanding the results of the analyses and the implications for the improvement of the research process;
- contributing to adapting the experimental equipment with possible recourse to external resources: selection and management of purchases of material goods or services;
- conducting experiments relating to the above-mentioned processes of thermo-chemical transformation of biomass and equipment and processes for innovative applications of vegetable carbons;
- suggesting solutions for the continuous improvement of the technological process;
- contributing to managing problems relating to experimentation and plant operation;
- applying and being able to enforce occupational safety regulations.

The research fellow will have tasks closely integrated with the work team. In particular, the collaborator will liaise with the staff in charge of research strategies and with the administrative offices for purchasing and occupational safety. Outside the research team, the research fellow will communicate the research projects and manage suppliers and industrial partners. Key qualities of the employee are:
- theoretical knowledge of biomass processing
- theorical knowledge of pyrolisis, combustion and carbonisation
- knowledge of and experience in the implementation of experimental devices
- knowledge of and experience in carrying out chemical analyses and material properties
- level of English: C1

Desirable qualities of the employee are:
- knowledge of basic techniques: mechanics, electronics, IT;
- sound preparation in chemistry and/or industrial chemistry and/or engineering;
- practical knowledge of and experience in the realisation of experimental devices for the - treatment of biomass and pyrolysis in particular.

The list of skills and the required experience is continuously updated here.


Diego Marazza

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