Research Equipment

TCR® 2 kg/h

The ThermoCatalytic Reformer (TCR®) uses intermediate temperature pyrolysis (500-600°C), with residence time of about 5 minutes. The high temperature vapours are reformed in the presence of the hot biochar at 700°C and then condensed into a liquid (bio-oil) and a gaseous phase (syngas). The catalytic process is provided by the biochar itself. Heating can be provided either by electricity or by heat exchangers with hot air from a burner.

Water filtering system

The water filtering system was designed to be able to treat wastewater from conventional purification plants, to adsorb, in a bio-char matrix, nitrogen and phosphorus and / or to adsorb pollutants that are not degraded in the normal purification cycle (drugs, and other emerging contaminants).
The main components of the system are installed on a skid with a footprint at the base of 1x1 m, a height of 1.7 m equipped with swivel wheels for handling, with two vessels in composite material, 40 liters / each. The vessels can contain biochar or activated carbon with a minimum particle size of 0.5 mm. A system of electronically controlled programmable pumps (PLC LOGO Siemens) allows flexible management of the filtration and backwash phases.


High speed rotor used for the rapid size reduction of soft to medium-hard and fibrous materials.


Granulometric separation of powders


Biochar and composite production


Sample incineration and biochar production


Thermochemical treatments in rotary kiln
Development of new experimental pyrolysis applications to validate concepts at lab scale and reach TRL4.