We rely on people and their talents, on the ability to understand challenges, interpret needs and propose solutions, also thanks to the ability to network

We are University: innovation also involves training, research and dialogue with society.
We are system thinkers: to see effects, distant impacts, to place a technology in the framework of complex industrial relations, to understand the needs of the users of innovation.
We are solution oriented: to read and interpret the needs of the productive sector and of the society at large
We value people's creative ability.
We practice teamwork: within CIRI FRAME and University of Bologna, the Innovation Ecosystem of Emilia-Romagna in partnership with international research technology organisations such as the Fraunhofer Gesellshaft and others

Our activities

Development of innovative materials: we study mainly carbonaceous materials (such as biomass) with mineral components. We are working to patent at least 2 materials in the next 5 years. We call them C2G: Second Generation Carbons (second generation carbon-based materials).
Emissions reduction analysis: we develop system analyzes and models for the evaluation of environmental benefits with particular attention to negative emissions, carbon removal and carbon credit certification.
Open Innovation: co-creation of activities on an industrial scale (TRL>5) in collaboration with industrial stakeholders and possible end users of the innovation
Training and Education:  we train new talents and cultivate specific skills: students, employees and collaborators of the companies that work with us

RERCARB0N - Recovering and Regenerating technologies and materials towards net zero CO2 emissions

Ecological transition is also: carbon capture, sequestration, reuse from waste streams through innovative technologies such as:
• purification
• refining
• recovery of nutrients
• fertilization and soil improvement
• recovery of critical raw materials
• innovative materials for soil remediation
• use in accumulators (in collaboration with the Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Materials for Energetics - LEME)
• supply of materials for the transformation into advanced, composite materials for the automotive sector (in collaboration with CNR-ISTEC Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials, ENEA-TEMAF Technology of Materials Faenza, CertiMaC - Materials Energy Innovation, CIRI MAM (Advanced Mechanics and Materials)

The development of new materials, the industrial processes associated with them and the technology transfer are solutions applicable to the global innovation market and not only to the regional district from which they originate.