Climate-KIC completed projects



Industrial demonstration of sludge to bioplastic pathway

Funded by EIT Cimate KIC (2018-2021)
The project aims to realize a fully automated plant that allows the conversion of food waste, waste sludge and other organic residues into Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). PHA is a bio‐based and bio‐degradable plastic, suitable for packaging, disposable items, medical application and 3D printing.


Loop-Ports (Circular Economy Network of Ports)

Programme: Climate-KIC Pathfinder
Total Budget: EUR 930,119.13
EC Budget: EUR 623,179.83
Duration: 2018-2020
Lead partner: Fundacion Valenciaport, Spain

The main goal of the LOOP-Ports project is to facilitate the transition to a more circular economy in the port sector, where products, materials and resources are maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the waste generation minimised.
This project will contribute to the transition of the European economy towards closed-loop systems through the creation of a circular economy network of ports, which will provide an innovation ecosystem around the port activity and stimulate circular economy initiatives in ports. The network will focus on high-emitting materials, mainly metals, plastics, cements and biomaterials.

TAPYRO (Thermochemical apparatus for weed control fuelled with renewable biomass)

Programme: Climate-KIC Accelerator Award
EC Budget: EUR 50,000
Duration: 2016-2017
Lead partner: RES Società Cooperativa, via Romea Nord, 246, Ravenna, 48122, ITALY

TAPYRO relates to the validation of the business model for a chemical free weed-control device that applies thermal energy as weed killing agent; the device is fueled with renewable solid fuel such as agri-pellet or commercial pellet. TAPYRO has been conceived, developed and tested for small organic farming, green management and gardening. It is part of a family of products that replace glyphosate, now forbidden in several contexts for its supposed health risk. With respect to commercial LPG-fuelled solutions, the TAPYRO device saves operational costs, is safer and climate friendly, due to the use of renewable biomass as fuel instead of LPG.

BioHorizons (Horizon scanning the European Bioeconomy)

Programme: Climate-KIC Pathfinder
EC Budget: EUR 150,000
Duration: 2014-2015
Lead partner: Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS), Aberysthwyth University, Ceredigion, SY23 3FL, UNITED KINGDOM

The objectives of the Project were:

  • Horizon scanning of the Bio-Based industry in Europe.
  • Quantification and characterisation of bio-based businesses by using a “maxdiff” survey design: simple but robust technique; statistically reliable comparisons between regions and sectors; sectorial groups: enterprise, academia, and governance as representative of the “innovation triangle”.
  • Identification of current and future key molecules, products and technologies and the potential direction for growth and innovation
  • Compile market data
  • Expand network contacts and create a European bio-based business directory

MuBiGen (Municipal Bioenergy Generation)

Programme: Climate-KIC Pathfinder
EC Budget: EUR 150,000
Duration: 2014-2015
Lead partner: Universität Kassel, Mönchebergstraße 19, 34109 Kassel, GERMANY

Overall objectives:
The Project aims at creating a potential business model for an integrated value chain, in which cities produce their own marketable and storable energy carriers and biomaterials from unused urban grass cuttings with an innovative technology.

The activities focused on two complementing strands:

  • A joint effort on the regional level with municipal stakeholders, plant manufacturers and academics will demonstrate the potential positive climate impact and prepare the exploitation of the business idea in two different European cities.
  • Detailed preparation of a European network, which transfers the business idea to other European municipalities, connects the participating regions and stakeholders and provides services for a successful implementation of the business idea. 

Besides these business-model related clarifications and results the pathfinder will create a strong consortium which has on board all necessary know-how to develop a self-sustaining business and exploitation plan in an innovation project yet to come.