Thermochemical treatment of biomasses

We develop solutions for the production of biochar in controlled conditions using the Thermo Catalytic Reforming (TCR®) and other technologies.

Thermo Catalytic Reforming (TCR®)

The TCR® technology enables the enhancement of agro-industrial residues (especially digestate, sewage sludge, waste lignocellulosic, organic waste, residues of oleo-chemical industry processing and casting) with the triple advantage of producing renewable energy, reducing the volume of waste and generating biochar.


Other technologies

We can produce Biochar or Second Generation Carbons in controlled conditions.

Biomass samples are grinded with a Ultra Centrifugal Mill, sieved with a Automated Sieve and heated up to 1000°C in the nitrogen-fluxed Muffle furnace or Microwave Oven.

Similar procedures are used to produce composites between biochar and mineral elements functionalised for specific processes.


Stefano Macrelli

Cat. D - area tecnica, tecnico - scientifica ed elaborazione dati a tempo determinato
Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca per le Scienze Ambientali - CIRSA

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Diego Marazza

Adjunct Professor
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

Via Sant'Alberto 163, Ravenna, Italy

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