EIT Food ongoing Projects

Black to the future

Black to the future is a innovation project, co-funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), European Union, within the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) framework, to develop an advanced mixture of biological charcoal (biochar) and compost called “CBmix” with the goal to reduce soil depletion, increase carbon capture, and plant yield improvement.

Black To the Future aims at reducing desertificationimproving soils and increasing carbon sequestration and yields quality within a circular economy network where farmers are feedstock producers and product end users.

We deal with the engagement of farmers into novel circular economy supply against product reward schemes.

We crave for an innovation of the current over-fertilisation practices through advanced organic fertilisers allowing for carbon storage and drought resistance meeting profitability and new climate needs.

We dream of train and educate the future farmers generation such as high school students and farmers’ daughters and sons in sustainable soil management and smart use of the agricultural residues.