Results of WP1

This page is dedicated to the results of the WP1.

Below you may find the academic articles published by the EDUU team in the frame of the WP1 activities. They can be directly downloaded from the right column.

1. Marchetti, N., Einwag, B., al-Hussainy, A., Leoni, E., Luglio, G., Marchesi, G., Otto, A., Scazzosi, G., Valeri, M. and Zaina, F. 2017. QADIS. The 2016 Iraqi-Italian survey season in the south-eastern region of Qadisiyah, Sumer LXIII, 63-92.

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6. Marchetti, N., Gallerani, V., Luglio, G., Valeri, M., Tell Jidr: A Late antique Megacity in Central Mesopotamia 2018. Poster presented at the 11th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East Munich (ICAANE,

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20. Al-Badri, S., Al-Mamoori, F., Al-Mutawalli, N., Al-Rubaye, R. and Benati, G.. forthcoming. The Enhancement of Pre-Islamic Archaeological Heritage in Iraq: Avenues for Touristic Development and Social Growth.

21. Al-Hussainy, A. and Notizia, P. forthcoming. Another Stamped Brick of Amar-Zuena from Tell Drēhim (Ancient Puzriš-Dagān), Ash-sharq. Bulletin of the Ancient Near East: Archaeological, Historical and Societal Studies.


Tulul Al Baqarat and the Iraqi archaeological heritage: an Italian-Iraqi collaboration. Results of the last expeditions on the field. The University of Baghdad organised this Conference that took place on the 23rd of April 2018 with support of UNITO. The aim of the Conference was to disseminate the fieldwork results among Iraqi students. Pictures of the event can be seen from the right column and in the "Gallery" section of the website.


The Role of Archaeology for the Enhancement of Social Cohesion in Iraq”. The University of Qadissyah organized this conference that took place on the 6th of June 2018: 30 students and 10 professors attended the conference that represented a relevant opportunity to discuss on the importance of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage for promoting dialogue and cooperation among the different actors of the Iraqi civil society. The dissemination of the fieldwork results among Iraqi students was at the core of the Conference. Pictures of the event can be seen from the right column and in the "Gallery" section of the website