Training on GIS and Museums for Iraqi SBAH Officers in Italy (October-November 2019)

The training of the representatives of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) Dr Riyadh Hatem Mohammed and Dr Alaa Abdulabbas A. Muttaleb Al-Mudhafar, was carried out at the universities of Bologna and Turin between 15th October and 5th November 2019. Between the 15th and the 24th October the SBAH representatives attended intensive courses and visited museum and research centres in Bologna, while between 25th October and 5th November trainings and visits to museums and research centres were organized in Turin.

In Bologna the focus of the training was the improvement of their skills in GIS and remote sensing as well as to introduce them to the best practices of selected Italian museums.

In Turin the SBAH representatives attended training activities focused on photogrammetry at the ITHACA laboratory of the University of Turin.

You can consult the report and pictures of the training from the right column of this webpage.