Established in 1987, the University of Qadisiyah hosts several colleges including the College of Arts, Archaeology, School of Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Law and finally College of Archaeology. It serves over 21,000 students. Due to the archaeological nature of the province of Qadisiyah the College of Archaeology was established in 2014 with two major departments: Ancient Archaeology & Islamic Archaeology. It serves 180 students. The University of Qadisiyah (QU) will lead WP 3 - Workshops for Secondary School Students. QU will also participate in all the planned activities of the project. 

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Abbas Al-Hussainy. Prof. al-Hussainy is an archaeologist specialized in the ancient Near Eastern civilizations with a particular focus on the archaeological heritage of southern Iraq. His research activity encompasses societies, religion, settlement patterns and political history in Bronze Age Mesopotamia, all aspects that he analyzes by means of archaeological excavations (especially the major ancient city of Marad, Iraq), surveys (in the western area of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq), study of cuneiform texts and material culture. He also carried out salvage and preservation projects aimed at preserving sites and monuments in Iraq. He held important administrative and operational positions within the State Board of Antiquities of Iraq (SBAH) and he has been Chief Editor of the journal Sumer. In addition to his intense teaching activity in Iraq, he lectured extensively in Europe and he has been Visiting Professor at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. Since 1999 he takes part to international congresses on ancient Near Eastern archaeology, delivering papers and moderating workshops. 


Dr. Muntasir AL-AsfoorLecturer of computer science since 2012 and head of computer science department at the college of computer science and Information Technology (Al-Qadissiyah University, Iraq) since 2014. He is currently appointed Head of Scholarships, Cultural relations and International Agreements since August 2017. He is actively involved ininternational events, workshops, and conferences. Dr. Al-Asfoor is a lecturer with international experienceof delivering high-quality academic learning. 

Radha Abdul Jabbar Salman. Researcher and Geography Professor in the Faculty of the Arts - University of Al-Qadisiyah since 2000. He wrote more than sixty studies published in scientific journals in the fields of Settlement, Cities, Development, Environment, water Resources, political issues, energy and Climate Change. He is author of five books, and participated to more than forty scientific conferences and symposia. He has been contracted by the Iraqi government and completed more than three large studies on regional planning, spatial and rural development. He acted as Assistant Dean for the Faculty of Arts from 1993-2000. He supervised more than twenty-three graduate students, and his teaching activity was awarded with a prize by the University of al-Qadisiyah in 2012.

Salah Hatem Hatef. Dr Salah obtained his PhD in Ancient Islamic Epigraphy and early Arabic calligraphy. He is currently a member of the teaching board at the Faculty of Archeology at the University of Qadisiyah. He teaches courses on Arabic calligraphy and archeology of the Arabian Peninsula before Islam. He participated to several conferences, seminars and excavations in the city of Najaf, beside writing research essays and encyclopedias' entries. He is also an expert in the field of numismatics. His researches are published in the Journal of the Faculty of Arts / University of Qadisiyah. 

Haider Aboud Al-Karaawi. Lecturer and Researcher at Department of Geography - University of Al-Qadisiyah since 2006, He got a scholarship in Poland for 6 months in 2014 in the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies- University of Warsaw. The obtained his PhD with a thesis on "Spatial Analysis of Agricultural Development Potentials and its Importance in Achieving Sustainable Regional Development in Al-Qadisiya Governorate".

Asma A. O. Al Sabah. Head of Cultural Relations and International Agreements and an associate English lecturer at the department of English language/Faculty of Education and The TOEFL center of the University of Qadisiyah since 2014. She lived in the UK since 1991, during which she worked as an Associate lecturer of English language, Arabic as a foreign language and Translation at the University of Salford and the University of Central Lancashire (UcLan). She also works as a freelance interpreter at the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU/UK). She gained her masters of art in translation with interpreting from the University of Salford in 2009. She went on to achieve the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI/local government option). She has long experience working in the higher education institutions of the United Kingdom, and works as a freelance interpreter registered in the UK and Iraq, as well as being a member of the Iraqi Translators Association and the Federation international Translators (FIT). In 2015, She was chosen by the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq to be a member of a committee, which was in charge of establishing the first IELTS exam preparations center in the country.