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A “Didactic area” for youth and younger students (i.e. less than 16 years old) will be set up at the Iraq Museum in Baghdad with video and work station, interactive panels, didactic games and materials and 1 specific promotional cartoon video to be realized. A new museum will be designed by renovating an already existing building, the King Ghazi Palace, which is quite popular among local people, who use to spend time especially in the wide park surrounding the building. The aim would be that of engaging this already existing public and increasing it, thanks to the appealing appearance and the interesting contents of the new museum. The creation of this new museum points at becoming a best practice for the requalification, adaptation and reuse of a historic building in Iraq. The aim of the Landscape Museum will be that of raising the visitors’ awareness of the richness of their territory and of the strict twine between the cities and their surrounding landscapes. Photographs, maps, videos and archaeological artefacts will illustrate the history and the evolution of the country during the millennia, by showing the development of the agricultural techniques, the channels system and the urban settlement strategies throughout time. The didactic apparatus will point at showing how the Iraqi landscape has evolved (and continues to evolve) and how these changes were (and still are) closely connected to the history of the populations there living. In particular, the action plan foresees the following interventions: - General renovation and repair works for theMuseum; - Setting up of video station, workstation and glass-cases to better display museum exhibits; - Creation and exhibition of informative and didacticp anels; - Creation of 1 promotional video for the Museum;

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