Since half a Century CRAST (Centro Ricerche Archeologiche e Scavi di Torino) has worked in the historical-archaeological sector, enhancing cultural heritage and protecting and restoring cultural assets in several Mediterranean Countries (Italy, Middle-East, etc...).

CRAST carried out many missions of archaelogical excavations in Iraq in the sites of Seleucia (Tigri), Choche-Ctesifonte, Tell Yekhi area, Kifrin (Eufrate), Khirbet Hatara, Hatra, Nimrud and Babilonia. In Jordan CRAST realized excavations and restorations in the sanctuary of Artemide in Gerasa.

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ESTER LOPARDO. Treasurer and Executive Director of Monumenta Orientalia, Rome (co-founder since 2008) / Collaborator of CRAST-Centro Ricerche Archeologiche e Scavi di Torino for Iraq (since 2012), and former CRAST’s Responsible for Rome Representative Office, projects monitoring and administration (1995-2008). Since 2008, she has been developing and managing international archaeological projects in/for Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Ethiopia.  From 1995 to 2008, she worked at international archaeological projects in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan.  Main duties (1995-2018): institutional and international relations, fund raising, management of project logistic and financial aspects, administration.

CHIARA INVERNIZZI. Administrative Secretariat of CRAST-Centro Ricerche Archeologiche e Scavi di Torino (2006-2018). She has been administrating international archaeological projects in/for Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Turkmenistan.  Main duties: management of project logistic and financial aspects, administration.