The Lab

The Complex Analysis Lab is an informal group of researchers, including postdocs and graduate students, working in Complex Analysis, in the broadest possible sense.

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Science for Ukraine

#ScienceForUkraine is a community group of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world.

Our mission is to collect and disseminate information about support opportunities at the university, national, and international level for students and researchers directly affected by the recent Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Our network seminars

During the COVID 2019 pandemic some of the dissemination activities of the Lab's members passed online, where the "local" dimension is not so relevant. We give below the link to some seminar series some of us participate in as co-organizers. In 2021, however, we resumed our "local" seminars (see the Agenda).

Seminars of the Lab:

Complex Analysis Seminar:

Seminari a distanza di analisi armonica:

Seminar in complex and harmonic analysis (Euler Institute, St. Petersburg):

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