• ALMABuild allows the modelling of a building by means of a series of SIMULINK blocks. Each block can be modified or used as it is.

  • Easy 3D building drawing and definition of thermal zones thanks to the full compatibility with GOOGLE SketchUp!

  • The user is driven by means of a series of GUI (Graphical User Interface) to the definition of each building element!

  • A 3D visualization of each selected building component allows an immediate feedback on the input data!

  • ... ALMABuild creates AUTOMATICALLY a MATLAB structure and a SIMULINK complete model of the building!

  • Detailed local info are available within each thermal zone (i.e. local radiant or operative temperature)

  • ALMABuild has been validated with comparisons with the most popular energy dynamic simulation softwares (i.e.TRNSYS, Energy+)

  • With ALMABuild it is easy to obtain detailed and accurate results on your HVAC system coupled to your building... with a lot of fun!

  • ALMABuild is a result of an Italian National Project with ENEA and MISE

DYNAMIC ENERGY SIMULATION OPEN LIBRARY for energy use and comfort simulations for the built environment

ALMABuild is an open blockset of SIMULINK elements created by the Applied Thermal Engineering team of the University of Bologna for energy modelling of buildings dedicated to students, researchers, architects, engineers and building professionals.

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