S. Bonduà*, P. Berry, V. Bortolotti, C. Cormio

A 3D visualization and post-processing tool for TOUGH2 numerical simulator

TOUGH2Viewer is a 3D visualization software and post-processor for TOUGH2 numerical simulator. It's been developed to enhance the analysis of the full-field simulation of geothermal reservoir exploitation.
TOUGH2Viewer allows a three dimensional graphic reconstruction of the numerical model simulated, and lets the user explore, through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, the output of a simulation using TOUGH2.
Originally thought for unstructured grids visualization, TOUGH2Viewer can also manage structured grids created with the MESHMAKER module.
In particular, the software handles the visualization of:
- 3D block models;
- 3D vector representation of mass and heat transfer;
- 3D isosurfaces and 2D contour maps of the simulated variables.

It is possible to browse the simulated model in a 3D view through rotation, pan, zoom, horizontal and vertical sections. The user can display the simulated variables or the rock types assigned to the nodes of the grid in colour scale.
Moreover, the user can import isosurfaces in shapefile format and view them along with the 3D model. Finally, the user can get spatial and temporal profiles of the simulated thermodynamic variables by selecting the node or the column of interest.
All the views (3D models, isosurfaces, profiles, etc) can be customized in order to enhance output data analysis and to produce high-quality printouts.
Get a free copy of TOUGH2Viewer beta from the download page linked in the left menu panel and feed us back with your suggestion for further development.
The software is still under development so a feedback from you is many appreciate, thank you.


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Stefano Bonduà


NEWS->TOUGH2Viewer is now able to visualize MODFLOW model grids created by VORO2MESH. You can find more information here


TOUGH2Viewer Gallery

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  • 3D Isosurface
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