TOUGH2GIS (beta)

P. Berry, S. Bonduà, V. Bortolotti, C. Cormio*

A GIS-based pre-processor for TOUGH2 family of codes


TOUGH2GIS consists of a suite of BASH scripts that allow the user to create locally refined unstructured (Voronoi) grids and to assign automatically rocktypes to grid blocks.

TOUGH2GIS is based upon GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), and thanks to GIS functionality the user can manage the whole pre-processing activity (geological, conceptual and numerical modelling, geostatistics and spatial data analysis, etc).

The pre-processor drives the user from the conceptual model to the numerical model creation through:

  1. the creation of a locally refined unstructured 3D grid (2D Voronoi grid replicated along z axes);
  2. the proper rocktype association to grid blocks using elevation raster maps;
  3. the generation of TOUGH2 geometrical input file.

TOUGH2GIS source code will be distributed under GNU-GPL version 2 license. For obtain the software please write an email to: