Upen2DTool is a 2-dimensional (2D) inversion MATLAB® script package developed at the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy), that processes 2D Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry data. Upen2DTool applies the Upen2D algorithm, the 2D extension of the Uniform PENalty principle, to compute locally adapted regularization parameters and approximate solutions by solving a sequence of regularized least squares problems.

The software is written in Matlab® 2023a script language and consists of a main folder ("Upen2DTool") containing the script files and two sub-folders: one with the data files ("DATA") and the other one ("output_files") with the output files creates by a run of the software. 
It comes also with a compiled version for Windows  ("Upen2DTool_Exe_ver.1.1") that can be used without the need to install the MatLab environment, it is only necessary to install the appropriate free MatLab® 2023a runtime library available at the following download link: https://it.mathworks.com/products/compiler/matlab-runtime.html.


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