streamlines for doublet wells injection and production

S. Bonduà, V. Bortolotti

TOUGH2Path can compute the pathline of a particle thorough each block of a 3D Voronoi discretized domain using directly the output file of a TOUGH2 (Pruess et al., 1999) simulation and using the Klausen et al. (2012) method. TOUGH2Path is a command line software coded in C++ running under Windows and Linux operative systems (64 bit). It uses a parallel programming approach using OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) for speed-up computation, and so permitting the contemporaneously computation of a high number of particle paths with a reasonable computation time cost. You can request TOUGH2Path here.

 If you plan to use TOUGH2Path, please cite as:

S. Bonduà, V. Bortolotti, A tool for pathline creation using TOUGH simulation results and fully unstructured 3D Voronoi grids, Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 115, 2019, Pages 63-75, ISSN 1364-8152,

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TOUGH2Path gallery

  • 3D structured block model - pathlines
  • 3D perturbed model - pathlines
  • 3D structured 45° rotated grid - pathlines
  • 3D perturbed regular grid - pathlines
  • 3D CVT Model - pathlines
  • 3D CVT2 Model - pathlines
  • 3D View - 2 partially penetrating wells and streamlines
  • 2D Model - convection streamlines
  • 3D View - partially penetrating wells streamlines
  • 3D View - streamlines
  • 2D partially penetrating wells and unstructured grid view
  • 3D structured block model and streamlines
  • Partially penetreting wells - analytical streamlines
  • 3D Partially penetrating wells - regional flow
  • 2D "L" model - streamlines
  • ZOOM to 2D "L" model - streamlines

Numerical model, streamlines and isosurface using Paraview