March 2024

Furadouro, Second trip of the year

Storm, heavy rains and long walks didn't keep the team from the serach of subfossil trees. And the mission was actually incredibly rich in samples.. Take your time and have a look!

Reaching the beach
First look at the beach
First look at the beach_1
Start walking
Start walking_1
One of the first samples discovered
Appearance of a sample
Appearance of a sample_1
Appearance of a sample_2
A long stem
Start digging
Digging the sample
Unveiling the sample
Unveiling the sample_1
Cleaning the sample
Cleaning the sample_1
Getting ready to cut
Wrapping a sample
Wrapping a sample_1
Unveiling more samples
Keep digging
Keep digging_1
Keep digging_2
Measuring a sample
Checking the chain saw
Once again cutting...
...and cutting!
and digging
Setting the chain saw and cleaning the area... re-start!
Sampling the tree
Organizing the samples
Last day, last sample!
Last day, last sample_1
Cleaning the last sample
Wrapping the last sample
The team
The team_1