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Team Core

Sahra Talamo

Sahra Talamo

RESOLUTION Principal Investigator, and Professor at Bologna University at the Department of Chemistry G. CIAMICIAN.

She took her Ph.D. in Archeology at Leiden University, Netherlands in collaboration with MPI-Department of Human Evolution in Leipzig, Germany..

She undertakes cutting-edge radiocarbon research and leads joint projects between MPI Department of Human Evolution and MPI Department of Genetics, involving collaborative ancient DNA work.

In more than ten years of work experience within MPI groups she developed strong expertise not only in the study of human evolution and in geosciences, but also in design and coordination of research projects with experts from worldwide to solve scientific debates through the solid cohesion of different disciplines.

She supervised at the MPI an important and very innovative PhD project, to improve dramatically radiocarbon dating on bone collagen by sampling minute amounts of bone, using the new CO2 gas system connected to the AMS-MICADAS in collaboration with Prof E. Bard at CEREGE (Aix-en-Provence).

Last but not least, as an Italian, she enjoys creativity, cultures rich in arts, her family, and in the past living in Germany, she loves the definition of details and precision. Moreover, as a scientist, she likes the synergy of the precious elements, which will contribute to reaching her goals, and as an archaeologist, she loves to plan the future using the knowledge of the past.

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Silvia Cercatillo

Silvia Cercatillo


She joined RESOLUTION in November 2019.

She received her Bachelor degree in Geological Sciences and the Master degree in Geological and Technological Sciences, both at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Her PhD program at Frontiers “Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges” ( at Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University, is part of the ERC project RESOLUTION.

During her three – years PhD carrier she will pursue her research on dendrochronology and the extraction of tree-ring cellulose under the supervision of Dr. Michael Friedrich at Botanica Garden at Hohenheim University. She will study and apply dendrochronology over the course of her stay at Hohenheim University in Stuttgart. The chemistry part of her PhD will be done in the newborn radiocarbon laboratory at the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo CIAMICIAN” at Bologna University, Italy. She will be involved in all the fieldwork activities for sampling new trees around the Mediterranean area.

Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich

RESOLUTION Post-Doctoral Researcher

He joined RESOLUTION in September 2019.

He is Palaeobotanist and received his doctor's degree in Dendrochronology. He is currently hosted at Hohenheim Gardens.

Since 1989 he is working at Hohenheim University on the construction, revision and extension of long tree-ring chronologies using subfossil trees he found in gravel pits and bogs in Germany and N-Italy.

These Hohenheim oak and pine chronologies are the backbone of the European tree-ring master chronology that extend 14.500 years back in time. It is the longest unbroken tree-ring chronology worldwide and covers the entire Holocene and extend into the Late Glacial.

In close co-operation with Dr. Bernd Kromer from Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg Academy of Science resp. radiocarbon groups around the world he is involved to establish the international radiocarbon calibration series IntCal. 

Within Resolution he is entrusted to construct tree-ring series from Glacial times as a basis for radiocarbon series. Together with Prof. S. Talamo and her team at Bologna University, he will search for Glacial subfossil trees during extensive fieldwork in N-Italy, Spain, Portugal and SE-Europe. Tree-ring analysis and chronology building as well as sampling for AMS analysis will be done at the Lab in Hohenheim under his guidance.

Dragana Palecek

Dragana Palecek

RESOLUTION researcher

She joined RESOLUTION in February 2020.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Bologna and her Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree in Marine Environment and Resources at the consortium of Universities including the University of Bordeaux, University of the Basque Country and University of Liege.

Her PhD program in Cultural and Environmental Heritage, starting in November 2020 as part of the ERC RESOLUTION project, is based at the Ravenna branch of Bologna University.

During her PhD studies, she will conduct research on “Accurate radiocarbon dating on shells” under the supervision of Prof. Sahra Talamo at the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo CIAMICIAN” of the Bologna University. She will study and apply various methods including state-of-the-art inorganic and organic chemistry techniques, mineralogical and radiocarbon technologies over the course of her three-year PhD program. The laboratory work will be performed in the new radiocarbon laboratory which is part of the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo CIAMICIAN” as well. She will also be involved in all the fieldwork activities and sampling new sites in the Mediterranean and Adriatic region.