Thermo- and Photo-chromic materials

Thermo- and photo-chromism, defined as  thermal and light-induced reversible colour changes, are currently attracting considerable interest. These appealing switching phenomena can be associated with reversible modifications of the geometrical structure. Solid-state thermo- and photo-chromism, which are still not widely investigated, are potentially useful for applications in information storage, optical switches, displays, sensors and in nonlinear optics. N-Salicylideneaniline derivatives belong to a class of molecules that exhibit photochromism as well as thermochromism in the crystalline state. Our research activity concerning this topic is addressed, mainly on the modification of chromic phenomena via co-crystallization, or complexation, and on the understanding of the mechanism governing such transformations.


Prof. Fabrizia Grepioni, Dr. Simone d'Agostino.