Crystal engineering is an interdisciplinary area of research that cuts horizontally the traditional subdivision of chemistry, e.g. organic, inorganic, organometallics, materials chemistry and biochemistry. This is witnessed by the diverse research topics dealt with by our group. We have a long standing experience with solid state methods and techniques, from single crystal to powder diffraction, (SCXRD and PXRD) including structure determination from powder diffraction data, as well from microcalorimetric analysis (TGA and DSC), Hot stage Microscopy (HSM), FTIR spectroscopy, to intrinsic dissolution rate (IDR) measurements. We have also developed solvent-free non conventional approaches, mainly based on mechanochemical and solvo thermal  methods, to prepare novel crystalline materials. We can also reply on a number of strong industrial collaborations mainly on issues concerning the screening and characterization of crystal forms of drugs.

The main research areas include: