Aims and Research Topics


Our prime aim is the assessment of tailored, "best practice" analytical protocols, adaptable to classes of materials. 

Understanding materials Cultural Heritage is made of represents the first step to be taken in the development of suitable intervention strategies, functional to preserve this patrimony and pass it on to future generations. A fruitful dialogue between technicians, scientists, scholars and other professionals involved in conservation and restoration activities stands, thus, as a fundamental starting point in planning interventions to be conducted in compliance with scientific criteria. The dialogue with professional figures and researchers working in complementary disciplines relevant to the study of cultural heritage, is, for us, of equal importance, in order to properly contextualise scientific data, exactly relate them to the artwork under study and, last but not least, make results able to respond, from time to time, to questions we have been asked.

Our research and consultancy areas concern, specifically:

  • Characterization of raw materials, execution techniques and technologies for the production of archaeological and historical-artistic artefacts 
  • Evaluation of the state of conservation and identification of degradation morphologies
  • Technical-scientific consultancy to support conservation and restoration interventions