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In this section you will find information about the personnel daily engaged in the activities carried out in the Laboratory.

Since 2020, the Laboratory has been accredited as a Research Laboratory at the ARIC-Research Area of the University of Bologna and a Scientific Commission has been set up to monitor the quality of research and the activities carried out.


The personnel is divided as follows:


  • Staff: personnel conducting research and technical consultancy hired by the Department and working inside the Laboratory
  • Collaborators: scholarship holders, contractors and National Civil Service volunteers pertaining to the Laboratory


Another section is, last, dedicated to our Alumni & Visiting Researchers.

The Head of Research of the Laboratory is Mariangela Vandini, Professor in Applied Physics for Cultural Heritage at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Coordinator of the Single Cycle Degree Program in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. 

You can find us at the Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna (Ravenna campus), in Via degli Ariani 1 in Ravenna (ground floor).

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Department of Cultural Heritage


Mariangela Vandini

Associate Professor
Head of Research

+39 0544 9 36 776

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Chiara Matteucci

Cat. D - technician, technical - scientific area and data processing

+39 0544 9 36 759

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