Public Engagement

Training, Research and Third Mission


These are the three fundamental goals of the University of Bologna. If the first two are easily understood and traditionally recognized as fundamental principles of academic knowledge and activity, the so-called Third Mission is decidedly less known to the general public. When we talk about Third Mission, we refer to that specific task of the University that should most directly involve the community: the promotion and enhancement of culture and knowledge to contribute to the social, cultural and economic growth of society.

The Third Mission is one of the most complex challenges for a researcher, because it requires to be able to find different ways of telling the successes (and failures) of their research to an audience of "non-specialists", making it understandable without putting scientific aspects apart.

The Conservation Science Laboratory for Cultural Heritage pursues the objectives of the Third Mission with great interest and vivacity, participating in numerous opportunities for meeting and discussion with the community. This section shows the photogallery of the main extra-academic dissemination activities in which the Laboratory and its staff are currenly engaged.