Company founded in 2017


Business core

The company’s corporate purpose is to develop, manufacture and market innovative products and services with high technological value in the industrial, robotics, information technology, mechanics and electronics sectors and, specifically, to develop, manufacture and market industrial products for the aerospace industry and in the fields of robotics, information technology, mechanics and electronics, as well as unmanned aerial systems for air, sea and land applications, and innovative services implemented through unmanned aerial systems; to provide teaching and training services in order to obtain the licences and qualifications required by current national and international regulations for unmanned aerial systems; to provide consulting services in the fields of information technology and mechanical and aerospace technologies; and to design and manage innovative hardware, software and web application systems with high technological content.

Reference industrial sector

Manufacture of industrial robots for multiple uses

Products and/or services

Zephyr was founded as a spin-off of the University of Bologna, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge and taking it to a professional level since 2006, when the Flight Mechanics Laboratory of the Forlì headquarters had already begun studying atmospheric vehicles and spacecraft. Today, more than ever before, research remains one of the founding principles of the company, which looks to the future with an unlimited amount of scientific and technological know-how.

From studying microsatellite control laws to developing avionic systems and sensor technologies for environmental monitoring and precision farming, along with the continuous prototyping and optimisation of atmospheric vehicles, Zephyr is not only an air services company, but also a fully-fledged aerospace research centre. In addition to its own brand of aircraft, Zephyr offers its customers better-performing solutions than those of its competitors, by applying proprietary methods and knowledge recognised by international magazines. It has deep roots in complex dynamic system modelling and simulation, as well as in the design of driving, navigation and control systems for atmospheric vehicles and spacecraft (its ‘drone’ services, for example, involved helicopters and full-scale fixed-wing aircraft).

Zephyr offers numerical modelling and simulation services for air, land and sea systems and subsystems, as well as consulting for designing control systems and for developing, prototyping and testing avionic systems, from mathematical modelling phases to the use of hardware-in-the-loop technologies and field tests.

Registered office and headquarter

Registered office: Via Circonvallazione Nuova 57/B, 47923 Rimini (RN).
Headquarter: Rocca delle Caminate, Strada Meldola – San Colombano, 47014 Meldola (FC)


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e-mail: info@zephyraerospace.comamministrazione@zephyraerospace.com
telefono: 0543199136