Company founded in 2015


Business core

Nextema is a start-up company founded in 2015 that provides different innovative technological services: the company offers services for the design and development of electrospinning machines for production of polymer nanofibers/nanoparticles that can be used in a wide range of fields, such as air and liquid filtration, structural reinforcement in composite materials, realization of biodegradable materials exploited as carriers to deliver active substance for human-care, both for cosmetic and bio-medical fields.
The start-up provides also advanced services for manufacturing of metal components using laser technologies, such as: surface treatment of mechanical parts made of steel/cast iron (eg. cams, gears); 3D printing services of metal alloys through Laser Melting Systems (SLM/DMLS); development, design and production of plants for hardening treatments based on laser sources.

Finally, NEXTEMA provides engineering services for production processes for the metal industry using advanced techniques of numerical simulation, in particular of tools and equipments for foundry processes; development of monitoring and analysis of industrial process parameters.

Reference industrial sector

Mechanical components; cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biomedical devices; design and production of electrospinning machines; nano-materials; metallurgy.

Products and/or services

Development of laser hardening treatments; consultancy for design and development of plants for laser treatments; developing and production of electrospinning machineries; consultancy for innovative engineering of industrial production processes.

Registered office and headquarter

Viale Fanin 48, 40127 Bologna


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Rosario Squatrito
phone +39 051 2090496