mHealth Technologies

Company founded in 2014

mhealth technologies

Business core

mHT provide three different solutions in the field of movement analysis: long-term monitoring, functional assessment and rehabilitation. Long-term monitoring system can provide an objective quantification of physical activity, characterizing user’s mobility and behaviour. mHT solutions for functional assessment (i.e. Timed up and go, 10 meter walking, Postural sway, etc.) are based on wearable sensors and smartphones and provide an objective and comprehensive assessment of the motor performance. You can have a portable movement analysis lab in your hands. Moreover, mHT can provide wearable rehabilitation solutions for the restoration of the motor function. mHT rehabilitation solutions can automatically detect the motor status of the person by analyzing her/his movements and provide real-time feedback to improve her/his motor performance. mHT can provide personalized rehabilitation outside the clinic.

Products and/or services

Mobile health solutions in the field of movement analysis (i.e. long-term monitoring, functional assessment and rehabilitation), wearable inertial sensors, smartphone app.

Registered office and headquarter

Via Giuseppe Fanin 48, 40127 Bologna


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Carlo Tacconi 
phone +39 339 8590582