Company founded in 2020


Main business activities

LITE was born to rethink and create training equipment and technology able to push athletes beyond their physical limits. In particular, LITE produces and sells provenly versatile and effective equipment, designed specifically to improve physical performance. The sensors and software systems that LITE implements in its equipment allow to monitor the workload and training performance in order to plan workout routines based on individual needs obtaining more effective results.

Reference industries

LITE technology is designed to improve all aspects of training in terms of athletic performance, because it is optimized to allow the body to make sport-related movements against external resistance.

Therefore, the company’s reference sector is sports training. However, LITE does not want its technology to be associated exclusively with athletes because it strongly believes that you don’t have to be an athlete to train as one. Therefore, LITE also offers its technology to people who want to push themselves to achieve a better and healthier level of fitness by following more advanced training routines compared to those that employ traditional fitness equipment.

Main products and/or services

Currently, LITE’s main products are INERTIA, MOMENTUM, and AER.

INERTIA is a mechanical training device that allows to exercise using the resistance generated by the acceleration and deceleration of a flywheel rather than by lifting weights.

MOMENTUM is a mechanical training device that allows to carry out explosive exercises by moving two leavers in different directions.

AER is a pneumatic training device that allows to execute vertical and horizontal exercises compressing a pneumatic piston by pulling a rope for up to 16 metres.

All LITE equipment has patented or patent-pending systems and internal sensors that record data in real time directly on training apps.

Registered office and headquarter

Via provinciale Sud, 1349, Verucchio (RN),47826, Italy.


Virginia Dolci, tel.: +39 345 8180704; email:

Filippo Dolci, tel.: +61327 9523213; email: