Company founded in 2019

Business core

Developing Nature Based Solutions (NBS) as innovative processes for urban implementation and improvement by designing Green Infrastructures (GI), aimed at reconverting and redeveloping abandoned industrial/commercial/infrastructural areas. GREENARCO also aims to promote the possibilities offered by NBS in cities, thanks to an innovative approach that includes collaborative and participatory models to enable citizens, researchers, public administrations and the private sector to work together and contribute to the urban renewal process. GREENARCO has the following goals:

  • To integrate NBS into urban and territorial planning, helping to improve the area’s ecological quality and functionalities;

  • To provide high quality tools to support decision-making aimed at improving cities;

  • To draw up guidelines concerning the development of NBS with a view to suggesting references for a new urban planning reform, aimed at enhancing the local area and landscape while proposing new sustainable settlement models based on promoting the redevelopment, recovery, renovation and reuse of already urbanised areas and existing buildings by reducing further land consumption;

  • To implement GI by promoting an integrated approach to land management, with positive effects also from an economic point of view, by limiting some of the damage caused by hydrogeological instability, and by recovering the quality of the environmental matrices, namely, air, water and soil.

  • Recognising the economic value (payment of ecosystem services) of NBS.

Reference industrial sector

GREENARCO aims to offer technical-scientific support and services to privately held companies, local administrations and public bodies, and regional, national and international authorities.

Products and/or services

The products offered by GREENARCO mainly consist of projects involving the redevelopment and recovery of public and private green areas, GI design, such as green roofs and walls, ecological corridors (aimed at improving air quality, building aesthetics and recovering ecological networks), and systems for managing and monitoring natural and semi-natural habitats and the landscape. The company acts as a support tool by providing highly qualified services and consulting, as well as project management for entire projects or segments of projects. It also provides technical and design consulting services in the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors, as well as forestry support services. 

Registered office and headquarter

Viale G. Fanin 48, 40127 Bologna (presso AlmaCube) 


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Sara Landi, cell. 3393961218