Company founded in 2020


Business core

EYECAN.ai has developed an innovative technology for training AI-based Industrial Vision Systems. Today, these systems are “manually” trained by humans, at a rather high cost (especially in the long run). EYECAN.ai, instead, has developed a fully automated Robotic Vision-based solution, which makes it possible to train these systems (namely, to produce the Labelled Data required to train them) without human intervention.
One of the possible applications of the transversal technology offered is the implementation of self-reconfiguring Artificial Vision systems, which allow savings in terms of adaptive / perfective maintenance costs compared to current non-AI-based systems. A self-reconfiguring system can easily fix malfunctions caused by changes in environmental conditions (such as sudden changes in light that can compromise the operation of a classic vision system), and allow for format changes (which, in the Industry 4.0, is known as CHANGE OVER) without having to make changes to the original software.

Reference industrial sector

  • Packaging: pharmaceutical and biomedical, cosmetics, food, beverage, tobacco and textile sectors

  • Machine tool tending

  • (Visual) inspection machines

Products and/or services

Above all, EYECAN.ai offers a high-quality pre-sales consulting service for integrating Artificial Intelligence applied to Vision into corporate production processes. For those who already use AI applied to vision, EYECAN.ai offers mainly two systems: a Robotic Vision-based system (Industrial/Collaborative Robots equipped with an industrial camera on the wrist) and a Conveyor-based system (industrial camera mounted on a conveyor). These systems can both generate data independently in order to train an AI for Artificial Vision applications such as: 2D/3D Object Recognition and Localisation, Segmentation and Quality Control.

Registered office and headquarter

Viale Fanin 48, 40127 Bologna


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Daniele De Gregorio
tel +39 3457629823
e-mail daniele.degregorio@eyecan.ai