Company founded in 2016


Business core

Cubbit is the first distributed data centre in the world that recycles unused internet resources in the most competitive, secure and green cloud storage.

Cubbit business model is based on 3 main points:

  1. Users try our cloud and are encouraged to activate a little domestic server (Cubbit Cell) or share space on their devices to use the storage cloud for free
  2. Cubbit brings all their unused resources together (band, CPU, archive) and transforms them into the first distributed data centre in the world
  3. SMEs purchase a high-performing privacy-by-design cloud – as SaaS or On-Premise – at a competitive price. Cloud storage today, hosting, VPN, CDN and cloud computing tomorrow.

Cubbit, the first Italian start-up to be funded by Techstars and Barclays, collaborates with international organizations such as the European Union, which has made a non-refundable investment of 2 million euro in the company, and CERN. 

Reference industrial sector

Cloud Storage, Cyber Security

Products and/or services

Cloud Storage, Cyber SecurityCurrently, Cubbit mainly offers cloud storage services.

Our cloud storage services are designed for two categories of users:

  1. B2C: we operate in a market in which 94% of the 1 billion cloud users in the western world does not yet convert their account to the Premium version due to cost or data security issues.
  2. B2B: 65% of the over 11 million European SMEs with up to 30 employees still does not use cloud services, again due to cost or data security issues.

Registered office and headquarter

Registered office: Via della Zecca 1 - 40121 - Bologna (BO) – Italia

Headquarter: Viale Aldo Moro 16 – 40127 - Bologna (BO) - Italia


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